cons of militarization of police

To estimate the effects of police militarization on crime and officer safety, I use a nationwide panel measuring the presence of active SWAT teams. having emotions doesn’t make a cop a bad one.. it makes then a good one and it makes us human. Me- Hmmm. The Effects Of Altering Equipment On Police Uniform In Relation To Agility Essay, How Could We Stop Police Brutality? When this is your attitude about the majority of police, I don’t see how the conversation can go any further. But it has very little impact in terms of crime overall,” Lemieux said. Proponents claim that militarized tactics deter violent crime and protect police (10). He also obtained data on every SWAT team deployment in Maryland over a five-year period through a public records request. For starters, I think the over-use of SWAT raids is an issue. Astronomers ostensibly know plenty about neutron stars. Is that what you tell Soldiers who sent their buddies home in meat sacks? we can write an original essay just for you. It’s a dark color. Lone activist Ieshia Evans stands her ground while offering her hands for arrest as she is charged by riot police during a protest against police brutality outside the Baton Rouge Police Department in Louisiana, USA, 9 July 2016. It just seems like maybe you got arrested or a family member did and you now don’t like cops. Now, there are more than 80,000 SWAT raids per year in this country.”,, “There has been more than a 1,400% increase in the total number of police paramilitary deployments, or callouts, between 1980 and 2000.”,, and “only 7% of deployments were for hostage, barricade or active-shooter scenarios.”, Some featured police in normal gear, while others showed militarized police. Be safe not scared friend. The study is arguably the nation’s first systematic analysis on the use and consequences of militarized force. I want a well equipped police force. Very afraid. Body armor and military tactics are used because they work. I want a humble officer that thinks of his district as his home, not a war zone filled with targets. In recent decades, police units have grown more militarized in part due to the “War on Drugs” campaign as well as federal initiatives that supplied neighborhoods with excess military equipment and funds to purchase arms. Follow-up…….. So Mr. Mcneely, it takes an above average person with an above average ability to push his/her personal feelings aside to get the daily job done. Most of the time that person is your average street cop with no automatic weapon or wazoo high tech gear. All images and text were borrowed or adapted from real online news content (32⇓⇓⇓–36). There are some situations in which heavy armory and assault weapons are needed such as in emergency situations. Militarization of police fails to enhance safety, may harm police reputation I loved the article, even caught up with the sarcasm. Effects on confidence in police in the United States are generally negative but not statistically significant, although the high militarization treatment in the SSI survey did lower confidence in the police portrayed in the experimental vignette, suggesting some of militarized images’ effects may be confined to the agency in question and not law enforcement at large. I just don’t want people with your mentality behind the wheel or trigger of that gear. After basically treating the city and its citizens like it was Fallujah- de factor martial law was imposed and people were ordered into the street by machine gun toting up armored cops- it was a ‘CIVILIAN’ having a smoke on his back porch that found the perp. But that position is a false choice based on this study, and a common outcome of aggressive police operations, Lemieux said.

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