caucasian skull vs african skull

Why do we worry about things we cannot change(The Past)… Racism seems to be the only thing that gets pulled up from talking about it so no one is really listening to each other’s argument,,, We need to be more concerned about right now(Where the past has brought us) because we have so much more to be worried about that’s going on TODAY!!! The bible gives more acurate answers than some scientists with different theories that don’t even agree with one another. As for a dog analagy the pitbull is more akin to human as they come in all sizes,colors and intelligence levels, but a pitbull is a pitbull!

Whites and Asians. But is that true? The terms “white people” draw their classification from the color of the skin. “Races” are quasi-superficial adaptations to our locations or regions of generational legacy. Humanity started in Irak that’s were the suposed garden of Eden is according to the bible. Let’s put it in a US context with this example, let’s say we know this black dude who’s got thin lips and a fairly long head.

There are differences; live with it! Death, taxes, and racism (even just labelling) are so awesome just as they are. The whites have a lighter skin color while Caucasians’ skin tone ranges from white to dark brown, pale, olive, reddish-white.

You Are In Your Kingdom You Have Special Privilege In America. I posit that you will instantly erect a mental wall to guard against that question, because the most likely answer is inuitively uncomfortable and damaging to the ego. What type of Asians? after all these years of using the same word people NOW don’t like it? You should write copy for Trevor Noah. what is the difference between a wise and an intelligent person? Anyone who denies this has left sanity and common sense far behind. The term Caucasian is often used in a societal context to refer to the “white people” or people of European ancestry in the United States. Right on the money.

Races are entirely defined by bone structure and minute internal differences. However, the basic thing is that these are two different people. For instance, “How likely am I to get sickle-cell anemia?” (I’m just throwing that out there as a possibility, I don’t know if that’s actually been isolated yet.).
What are the differences between the Caucasian skull and Asian/Mongoloid skull? Its only the high level of pigment to protect against the sun that makes them different color. rock around their neck and drop them down a well. Eden was a compound created to protect the first example of man, but man was alone and the Lord used the DNA of Adams rib bone to create Eve! It is a term used for Arab part of Africa. The white race is composed of the people of Irish, British, and European origins.

In your example, if we assume that dark skin (high melanin content) is a dominant gene, that means many of the dark-skinned participants and their ancestors could have had a high proportion of European ancestry in their genes while looking dark-skinned.

I’m curious. And man is a example of his creative energy on this planet. Caucasian skull features include an overall rounded skull, rounded sloping eye orbits and a tear-shaped nasal opening. We Ethiopians are mix of hamities and semities that modern DNA proves most Ethiopians 73% of the population have semetic DNA Dude your fkn crazy you arent the smart one i see your blinded. ☺, “Unlike the white people, the Caucasian people have thin noses and thin lips.”. A wise man learns the consequences from ambitious learned men.

Remember Eden was a protective compound created for Adam the son of man,and Eve created from DNA extracted from a rib bone! DNA never lies. And this is the message you got from the TV show. No, not 100% true. Reading through this thread is an excellent case study in how collectivist ideologies of all sorts breed nothing but chaos and evil. Very True BJ. This article is WRONG WRONG. Anyine can learn. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE. Ethiopians and Somali and are NOT Caucasians. To think these are opposing forces is really short-sighted. That concludes that the main difference between the two races is based on color.

These Libtards dont get it. Why did you mention Japanese and Chinese rather than Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Indonesian- why would you think them to be Caucasian?

This debunks ALL and everything one THOUGHT they knew. To both the white and black supremacists, I would suggest the following: why don’t you ask yourselves instead “what have *I* done or not done that identifies me?”.

Steve, you are an ignorant clown. You kinda skipped that. Sin is the issue not race.

Those who stick to the term whites for Europeans aren’t familiar with the different ethnicities in the area . But maybe not.

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