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At Catania's memorial service, Ander honored his fallen lover, speaking of her highly and saying that she was more correct about matters of state than he had cared to admit. Book in just a few clicks your ideal flight from Brandon to Catania quickly and easily: enter your travel dates and within seconds you will be able to compare the thousands of offers for cheap flights from Brandon to Catania. Don't miss the best cheap flight deals from Brandon to Catania. The Queen of Leah surprised Ander by proposing that any alliance between Leah and the Elves be cemented by blood, through a marriage between Ander and Tamlin's daughter Lyria. The Druid had made his way to the stables of the palace when General Riga confronted Allanon and knocked him out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. More Shannara Wiki - Exploring the Magical World of Shannara. Her personality remains nothing like her normal self after this acting very animalistic and overly sexual at points.

Eretria urged Catania to find Ander and tell him he must send out a patrol to bring back Allanon.

Catania was dating a member of the Chosen named Jase, and she was devastated when he and the rest of the Chosen except for Amberle were killed by the Changeling.

Despite the warning Amberle insists that Bandon be taken to Arborlon where he can be cared for. In Arborlon, Catania accidentally runs into Bandon, causing Bandon to have a vision of her death. Bandon is later seen carrying the Warlock Sword, standing at the magical henge where the Dagda Mor had once imprisoned his mind. She was the friend and handmaiden of the Elven princess Amberle Elessedil, though her role was closer to that of a lady-in-waiting. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Catania was dating a member of the Chosen named Jase, and she was devastated when he and the rest of the Chosen except for Amberle were killed by the Changeling. Catania told Eretria that she didn't know where Graymark was, but that the men who had captured Allanon were part of the Crimson.

Find out more about. Ander and Catania found Eretria, and Ander informed the palace guards trying to imprison the Rover girl that she was under his protection. Bandon was placed in prison. Allanon, Wil Ohmsford, and Amberle Elessedil stopped at an abandoned home near Arborlon, finding Bandon chained and muzzled inside by his parents. Later, Catania visited Bandon and brought food to his prison cell in Arborlon. Flights Verona - Catania - Fontanarossa Later, Catania visited Bandon and brought food to his prison cell in Arborlon. Bandon manages to save Catania from being stabbed by the Changeling . Allanon soon realizes Bandon is a seer due to his abilities and clarifies to Bandon that it isn't death he is always fated to see, but future possibilities. Bandon manages to save Catania from being stabbed by the Changeling. Later, during a confrontation between the Dagda Mor, Arion, and Ander Elessedil, a fully healed Allanon managed to free Bandon from his mental imprisonment. After this incident, a romantic bond began to form between the two Elves. 1 Passenger, Economy, Cookies collected on third party's websites. Allanon also said that Bandon was looking for Wil since Wil was the only person who could stop the Warlock Lord, causing Catania to inquire after Bandon. Allanon confronts Bandon and tells him he will have to let go of Catania for her own good. She told Allanon that she had failed Bandon, and the Druid commiserated with her, saying that he failed Bandon as well. A year later, King Ander and the Elven nation were struggling. To Catania's horror he didn't just incapacitate the guard; he brutally beat him to death. Arion, who had already been suspicious of the Druid, was convinced by this display that the Druid must be taken out He asked a frightened Catania to help him find the Warlock Sword, because Catania was knowledgeable about the tunnels and passageways under the Elven palace where the sword was thought to be kept.

Catania urged Edain to go find Ander and stop the meeting, saying that Allanon had been taken and that he had to have been set up since the Crimson was waiting for him at the stables. Update my browser now, Enhance your search by adding our premium partners .

Bandon refused, but Allanon insisted that under the current Demon onslaught, he didn't have the choice to refuse anymore. As Allanon began teaching Bandon to harness his magic properly, the Elf became resentful of the Druid's harsh training and preoccupied with the feeling that he was only being valued for and defined by his magic. Update your browser to view this website correctly. Looking for a cheap flight from Brandon to Catania? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Catania was left to explain to Allanon what had happened. As the two of them battle, Bandon orders his followers to drink the blood on the altar. Eretria and Catania, who were in the stable at the time, watched as Riga ordered his men to take Allanon to Graymark. To Catania's horror he doesn't just incapacitate the guard; he brutally beats him to death. The lead Mord Wraith fires his magic at Allanon, sending him crashing through a window and down the mountain. Catania ran back to her quarters in Leah to find Ander, only to find Edain there. Save by comparing flight offers from Brandon to Catania with Jetcost! Because he was kept hidden and locked away, he happened to avoid being killed by the Demons that killed his parents. When Bandon and Catania are alone together, he confesses to her that he still feels the Dagda Mor's presence, and Catania encourages him to fight it. When he pulls back his hood, his eyes are revealed to have changed to a solid black. Bandon then receives visions from the Sword in which tell him that Wil is the key to resurrecting the Warlock Lord. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, During this discussion, Lyria entered Ander and Catania's quarters to alert them to Eretria's presence in the palace of Leah. Later in Arborlon, Catania accidentally ran into Bandon, causing Bandon to have a vision of her death. They do so and transform into Mord Wraiths.

However, Catania pointed out that the alliance had to be formed for the continued survival of the Elves, and that she and Ander needed to make sure that they gave their lives to making the world better, just as King Eventine, Arion, and Amberle had done. He mentioned that he had never been able to find her body and vowed that the Crimson would pay for her death.

Bandon is an original character created for The Shannara Chronicles. With :whitleabelName find your ideal flight from Brandon to Catania at the best price. He sends his Mord Wraiths away to look for Wil.

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