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He started drinking and spending a lot of time in his shed. The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. I was terrified. That’s when everything started to get strange. Case # The Magnus Archives Transcripts Archive Archive A (Extremely Unofficial), Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Statement of Julia Montork regarding the actions and motivations of her father the serial killer Robert Montork. And this seems as good a place as any. If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. Reaching up, I found my mother’s pendant. The pendant is from the People's Church of the Divine Host, founded by the defrocked Pentecostal minister Maxwell Rayner. Everyone assumes she was one of my father’s first victims but there was never enough evidence to add it to the official tally. 3rd December 2002 He started drinking a lot. In addition to the body of one Christopher Lorne, 40 preserved hearts were recovered from Robert Montauk’s shed. Sorry, maybe that wasn’t in the best taste. This episode was written and performed by Jonathan Sims, Directed and produced by Alexander J Newall. Listen to this episode from The Magnus Archives on Spotify. But I never really paid it much attention, and I had my own grief to deal with. I pretended to be asleep. I gently touched my sleeping father’s shoulder, and he awoke slowly. That summer my father converted the guest bedroom into a darkroom for developing photographs. Of possible significance also is that fact that the rest of the bodies were never found. As it got louder it began to sound less and less like a person knocking and more like… wet meat being slammed the study wood of the front door. image/svg+xml I had never seen her take it off. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive ... A Father's Love tnh1722. It wasn’t until much later that I discovered they’d had never even had a missing persons report filed on her. There wouldn’t be much point anyway as I’m sure you know he died in prison last year. I knew about the dangers, but something inside me couldn’t resist going in. The thump came again and I decided to go downstairs and see what it was. I was terrified. I got very good at cleaning them, and it never occurred to me to pay much attention to where they came from - I just assumed the blood was my father’s. As I approached the cabinet where we kept them, I heard my father’s voice from the kitchen. Case #0020312. No matter how hard he tried Magnus could not place where he disappeared to. Whatever I had seen my father doing in there, its effects had long since vanished. As I stared down the road, I was struck by how small the puddles of light were from the streetlamps made, stretching far into the distance. They were arranged on the walls on individual shelves forming patterns of eleven hearts on each inner wall and seven on the wall with the door. Copyright © 2020 Rusty Quill Ltd. All rights reserved. Her dad had converted the guest room into a dark room after her mum disappeared. It was a breathy voice, like that of an old man, and at the time I decided he had a German accent, though, when I was young, a lot of different nationalities and accents were lumped together in my mind under the label “German”. I went back upstairs, necklace clutched firmly in my hand, to return it to her. With that, the presence disappeared and the light faded. I didn’t stop, though, as I heard again that growl behind me, and I ran towards it and pulled at the door. Summary. My memory of early childhood is patchy - mostly isolated images and impressions - but I remember the night she vanished like it was yesterday. This was a couple of years after my mother’s disappearance, and I must have been about ten. He was gone most nights and the shed in the back garden smelled strongly like tinned meat…. I went up to my room and lay in bed, trying to sleep. Julia Montauk is the daughter of renowned serial killed Robert Montauk, who killed at least 40 people over 5 years. But then I heard that growl behind me and sensed a presence so close that I could feel the darkness on my back. I saw something shiny laying on the table. It glowed, a dull, pulsing blue from every crack and seam.

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